Studio Gold Stars

 Taking a break as I had to check on a fruit cake in the oven and turn over some chicken which luckily can bake at same temp. Now that’s proper multi-tasking.

Rusting slowly up here in the great NW. Watching the Skagit rise. If one doesn’t keep up with being on the job in the studio, and here I’m talking clay, it becomes a repository for hats, dog leashes, boxes of frames. I was looking at other studios on website group — crafthaus — where there is a member curated exhibition of working spaces from hugely differing craft disciplines. Fascinating. I was so impressed and inspired, and jealously competitive,  that I took some pictures in spite of the low-level of ambient light after a complete trawl through the studio to get rid of accumulations. God, I feel virtuous. There’s My Studio II deadline coming up so I thought I’d give it a go. There’s this aspect of studio life where one is the sole occupant and can fall into slovenly ways.  I’m just on the cusp with a mitre saw and a table saw which I added to the melange before Christmas. Trying to give them some space. Good for constructing stretcher bars and so forth for the painting side of things. SE corner of My StudioSo I’ve included some images which let you into my studio world and the type of work that I like to make. I also have a “flat art”  studio which I will get around to sharing a bit later.

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