Preparing for exhibition at Insights Gallery in Anacortes

Seconds Please! dinnerware by Dinah snipes SteveniCompleted work for group show which is titled Coefficient.  Note example to the left. Opening May 14  –  June 9.  Hopefully we’ll all contribute and produce a result…. Yes, I had to look  up the definition.

A late spring flu  ran in tandem with tree pollen allergies, and twas difficult to differentiate between symptoms. I know I’m under par when I have AFDs. I had to complete firings, glaze and decorate and take pictures for this week’s deadlines in a slight haze.  I was quite surprised when, yesterday, SIL said it was the flu and everyone is going through it.   I don’t mind the pressure mainly because I’m a list maker, and more importantly I update the lists not just by ticking off completed tasks, but I rewrite the list and have the immense satisfaction of scrunching up and throwing old list down to the cats to bat around. Make lists. Read them. Pen to paper. Handwritten. I’m able to avoid/filter distractions aside from those of my own choosing.  Mostly. I also have some dinner sets up at Whatcom County Allied Arts in Bellingham, WA. Theme of  reusing materials. I use thrift shop dinner ware and refresh it. I make a set of a bowl, a side and  dinner plate.  Mind candy the implied history of the plates, and sort of O’Henryish stories and conversations  from those old bits and pieces. I use a Skutt kiln – electric  — for the most part. I’ve had to replace the relay switches and the harness in the midst of all the preps. My brother is a gem of an engineer and he and his voltmeter helped pin-point the probs. I crudely turned on the kiln and held a wodged up bit of newsprint to the tiered elements (6 sets) to determine which were firing or not (2 not). Basic but effective and appeals to every potter’s basic pyromanic predilections. The smell of smoke….Sorry, if the name switch from Dianthus Visual Arts back to my name has caused confusion. I was confused so fixed it as Facebook Page carries the DVA tag.

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