Through to Final Jurying at ICF Mino, Japan

Way-hay! So pleased. Piece accepted. Homage to Durer, 22″h. It’s got a really neat image  on it  — a woodcut made by Durer entitled “Fame Blowing her Trumpet”. I really love the curls and slightly cross expression. Well that’s the good news. The slog part is planning for the mailing off ,  the packing,  the bills of lading, and the customs work. The expense over and back. ICF Mino has been sterling in providing the way forward, but one just needs to get in there and get it sorted out.  I must admit when I saw that email this morning from Mino my heart went boom. Apologies to Annie Lennox and Dave.  I got up just before 6am, fed the animals, let the hens out and made my pot of tea etc, to take back to bed. Usual routine. Opened the phone and there it was….If this piece gets a final nod (there are nine judges)  and included in the show, I will  attend ICF Mino reception ceremony to show appreciation in the only way some of us can right now by turning up in this troubled country. This piece has had 4 firings; the rose wood handle is the real deal, as are the wires. The faux screw heads are ceramic and lusters, and transfers over all.  Little bits of playfulness. Just like me.

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