It’s Out of My Hands

Small cup Shows ScalePiece for ICF Mino collected by shuttle for artechseattle yesterday. Bit funny having all that sending-off angst taken care of by the pros. I would have sent it USPS but Japan requires duty/customs on art work coming into the country.  There we are. Done and dusted.  Working on big bowls and plates these days. Finally some drier weather so they can dry out. Difficult when the humidity is 100%. Yes, Dear Reader, it rains a lot up here on the top left hand side. Lots.  Some folks will “candle” or slow dry ware in the kiln. I was entertaining just that thought  before the weather broke. I want to get on with some glazing ideas. I’ve waxed and slipped the interiors of a couple of the plates. I’ve used Tagg’s Yard Reactive Slip sold by UK supplier. Harry Horlock Stringer  who devised this recipe sold it to PotteryCrafts, Ltd. Harry one of my late husband’s oldest chums from Birmingham School of Art days — in the UK — had a wonderful place in Barnes, London called Tagg’s Yard where he potted and held workshops until the mid 90s. Harry’s now in Somerset, in South Petherton.

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