The Inner Me is Out There in Mino

Homage to Durer juried into ICF Mino, Japan. Ever so pleased. This week I’ve been saying to myself: Well, if you don’t make it in, how about a consolation prize of a Shimpo VL Whisper? And then, I get silly, and I say to myself: Well,  if you get in how about a reward of a VL Whisper! Ha.

This week my wheel was hors de combat because of an over-enthusiastic and under-brained acquaintance who took wrench-as-hammer to the foot pedal bolt instead of opening up the foot plate to see how things were. It was over in a flash. Idiot — Me! for even allowing person to look at foot pedal. Well $58 later,  two tanks of gas, and 180 miles round-trip x 2. It’s history. Good job, Moses at Clay Arts Center in Tacoma. Thank you.

As a result of not throwing this week I’ve been building a spray booth. It’s been okay. I downloaded instructions. Very straight forward. 12# shutter fan, box it in, flexible 6″ ducting into two circular holes, gorilla tape, duct tape, expandable foam. A shower stall which is cut down. The deal is that I’m mounting fan in a garage window pane — I had two courses of them cut in some time ago to afford north light in renovated space for studio. Metal work has been a bit of a challenge. The folks at Ace Hardware are forbearing and helpful.  They try to hide their smiles when I trail in with yet another issue. I took the entire 12″ fan in with me today to make sure the replacement bolt would damn well fit through the factory drilled holes. Had to return first selection. Tedious. I installed an Envirovent2 a couple of weeks ago and did the same thing through garage window pane. I painted all bits seen from outside black so it blends. Will do the same with shutter fan. Looks like black reflective window pane. If the truth be told, it was a bit of a jolly to get away from the final boxing-in slog with lifting and supporting on my own. Sunday will see the end of this project.

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