Mellow Fruitfulness and Autumnal Mists

Feeling the shifts and changes today. This morning very chill and misty, and because we’re a maritime climate — mists dispersed before noon. Glad as I had a wash load on the lines. All well in studios. Farmers Market continues to be such a wonderful punctuation to the week with nice folks stopping by to say hello or to buy. More Yarn Bowls will be on table this Saturday. Made some yunomi for presentos. Laptop harddrive died this afternoon so I could not upload images from that particular site, and I’ve been busy preparing submission for Potters Council Chromatic Edge 2012 Exhibition in Seattle; I will take some new pix tomorrow of the yunomi (sake cups). I posted them on FaceBook so perhaps you’ve seen them? My friend Tatsuo Tomeoka says that the moths  as on-glaze transfers are a suitable motif for summer, and especially dragonfly.

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