Valentine’s Day

Whoa! Feel the pressure? Cards on the shelves, presentation boxes of sweets stacked up high.Gas station flowers getting bundled up in some far flung bastion of Central America and oh good, if you buy a bunch you can rest assured you’ve added a few cents to some woman’s household budget.   

Why not just treat yourself to something which will stick around. Not cheat on you, doesn’t pocket dial you when in a clinch with a rival, cleans up beautifully each and every time for every occasion. You can use it in front of your parents. Relationships are fun. Okay. Mostly they are fun, but  hard work at the end of the day. A cup of tea puts it all in perspective. Affords mindfulness, clarity of vision and purpose. You don’t think so? Don’t knock it if you’ve not tried it.

Go find a potter and buy a cup for yourself for Valentine’s Day. Break the habit of a lifetime. Savor your individuality and uniqueness, because if you don’t who will?

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