Updated Presence on Etsy

Couple of days ago I did a minor moan about having to take a couple of hours to update information and so forth to renew my shop with etsy.com. Well,  surprise, surprise it was easy peasey as old stuff was still in place and it was a matter of minutes to expunge it and start afresh. Hurrah!  I’ve changed the name of my shop to DinahSnipesSteveni. Ho ho. But updated in About Me or some other ego soothing area regarding how Dianthus Ceramics came into being. Historically interesting to old customers and chums from the Stratford-upon-Avon, United Kingdom area,  and possibly new. You be the judge of that. I’m merely passing through. I’d like to invite you to have a peek at etsy on my behalf, and let me know if it is working. Noooooo need to purchase. It’s okay, the hens can survive without feed; the dog likes his worn out collar, honestly he does;  the cats are… reasonable ratters.LOL. So, this is what it’s come to —  think those of you who know me well. This ironic shtick to shame us into buying. Nah. You go ahead and buy in that case of muscadet from John Freeland’s wine shop in Stratford-upon-Avon to go with your Naked Chef or Nigel Slater experiments in cooking moulle mariniere. I quite understand. I’d do the same if I were in your shoes. But at the end of the day, just go along and look. Pathetically grateful, as David Hockney is to all of you who are trailing through the Royal Academy or trying to buy tickets for midnight sometime in March. Cheap shot, just so I can use the tags. Shameless. Wild laughter.

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