Is it March Already and Spring Forward Tonight as Well?

Well, galloping great gasps of surprise! Where has it all gone? One gray day after another up here on the top left hand side.  Looking forward to the NCECA roadshow at the Seattle Convention Center in a couple of weeks. All about clay,demos, and them wot teaches in centers of excellence…folks who sell kilns  and other equipment. Oh, and don’t forget those of us who make. Lots of us browsing around and having a real fine time.  I’m going to attend a couple of wonderful workshops: Posey Bacoupolous in Ferndale, and then Stephen Hill in Seattle. So many wonderful exhibitions in area too. Very pleased to have work with Cascade Clay Artists in the most stunning venue I’ve ever shown in: The new Schack Arts Center in Everett.

 Bit of a surprise the other day when ceramics shop which has just taken on some work turned down a slew of lidded boxes for a themed Put a Lid on It show this month. “Too vulnerable to stealing because they are so small… but ever so artistic” they fluted.  ( 2 3/4″ l x 2 “h) and at $105 each  with a 40/60 split they can’t afford  losses. Geishas is 6″ x 6″x6”. I geddit. Could have taken just the one and put it somewhere towards the front of the window display….Images above and below.

Well, one door closes and another one opens as the very next day Chris Skinner cold called me to ask if I’d contribute to a show which is running in tandem with the NCECA conference. She works at Museum of Northwest Art  in La Conner, and has long admired my work in the museum shop. Ever so pleased. Of course I will. Chris and Tom have started up Gallery in Edison a town which is HOT with galleries, and a wonderful go to place for foodies and real ale types, and you who can afford carbs from artisanal bakeries. Just a stone’s throw from the gorgeous Chuckanut Drive which takes one into Bellingham and past wonderful oyster bars.

So what’s your verdict? Knickable or saleable? What would you have done?

One thought on “Is it March Already and Spring Forward Tonight as Well?

  1. Lovely little boxes! I’d sure stick one in my pocket if no one was watching. But then, I can’t help myself, I’m Italian, it’s part of my heritage. We can’t sell good art, only good big art. What a silly reason not to include them in the show.


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