Juneuary Pots Not at the Market

A struggle up here, once again, on the top left hand side. Wet. Damp. I even got skunked last Saturday morning at 5 ayem calling the forecast and emailed my market manager that I thought it was a lost cause. Who wants to empty out the water from the pots. Thank you very much. It’s been horrid the couple of times I’ve had to do it. Four hours at $65? Minus $15 to The Manager.  Go figure. Jesu, was I ever wrong. It all bucked up and by 12:45 blazing sun. I ask you. Sooo. Went out and bought a canopy which takes several strong people to erect once I’ve pulled out the legs and so on. What a palaver. I can cope with an ordinary sunny day with the current set up, but when it rains who on earth wants to stop by my booth and buy a pot. Hence new canopy. Thanks all to those who were concerned at my absence last Saturday. SIL; Sandi, BBQ Sauce Lady. Jamie who walks Stella and noticed car was still in drive way. I feel loved. Thanks. 

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