Season of Mists


Choosing pumpkins is taken seriously here in Skagit Valley. Obvious characteristics include color, a roundedness of plump and pleasing proportion and segmentation. A stem stump not tapering off to several feet of dessicated vine, not too stumpy either. Ability to sit on the flat and maintain pumpkinness by not toppling over. Pacing the patch one sometimes lured to The One only to poke finger through rotting surface, or have the stem detach in hopeful grasp. Pumpkin Purists eschew carving for careful Zen Rock garden-like placements. Either in porch or centerpiece. Graduated stacking, using deeply segmented and pale coloured French varieties, topped with miniatures are pleasing to the eye. Then there
were the roguish louts who under cover of darkness rearranged some neighborhood pumpkins and posted several atop fire hydrants. Had the look of a self-conscious gallery installation.

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