Catching Up

Been a while. Studio time is good time. Chased up a link to build a light box for still life and lo and behold here I am. Went down the YouTube rabbit hole last evening watching Mark Carder (Draw Mix Paint); and I must say his Geneva products are very nice. Bought the slick color checker and the proportional dealio. I think some of my beginning oils students need to see these aides to progress. Drawing ability usually  needs encouraging and the Proportional dealio will certainly get them on the right track.  AND in a spirit of economic frugality and let’s-really-figure-out-how-to-mix-paint, I amended my Supply List, which was exhaustive, to Titanium White, Alizarin Crimson, Cobalt Blue, Cadmium Yellow Medium. And by heavens we shall create color wheels the first lesson. I don’t know why I haven’t insisted on back to basics before. And brush handling. Don’t get me started I’ll end up on  a proper whinge. Instead of insisting on 3 #4 rounds, and 2 #6s, I’ve pared “Brushes” down to mere Rounds and Filberts. The best you can afford.

Enjoyed the David Hockney documentary Secret Knowledge on the camera lucida.. Nice to see the old DH wheeling and dealing. Hard to believe it aired on BBC2 sixteen years ago.

Here’s two recent images.  20170802_085318-1-1

The Red Bookmark, 24″x30″, oil on canvas.



Cherries, 24″x24″, oil on birch panel.

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