Stocking Stuffers


Embarked on a series of small format paintings for Karla Matzke Fine Art Gallery. My goal was nine 4″ *4″ paintings: The Satsuma Series. It’s a yearly show Honey, I Shrunk the Art. Affordable art–  a relative concept.

Small format is quite the challenge. And, also a challenge, so was honoring the deadline with slow drying oil paint. Trying to be sensible and make an adult rational decision, I embarked on the acrylics journey. Hadn’t been on that road for forty plus years. And for the first hour I knew why. Let me remind you: The good thing about acrylics is that they dry quickly…the bad thing is that they dry quickly.  There is a happy ending. Karla couldn’t tell the difference between the oils and acrylics. And she asked me to paint more for show and this time how’s about some holiday sweeties.  Sharing an example of both. More on my FB Dinah Steveni, Pots & Painting page.

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