Net Neutrality

Take a few minutes and drop an email to these three people if you think Net Neutrality is worth maintaining. If you’re on this site — or any other social networking site — you are a stake holder in this debate.  Among the changes which Chairman Pai proposes: open up a “fast lane” and a “slow lane” for the internet, and curb access to some websites. Bottom line: massive increase of fees to users.

If you’re not certain about the points you might cite in an email, pop Net Neutrality into your search engine. I cited the importance of NN in education of US citizens and its knock-on effect on productivity and GDP. You might have different points.

“There are no toll roads on the information superhighway,” President Barack Obama said in a 2014 video on the subject

  • (Chairman)
  • Mike.O’ (Commissioner)
  • (Commissioner)
Virtual Reward

A virtual reward…and pat youself on the back for speaking up. Please share or create your own blog on Net Neutrality. And share with me too!

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